Matters of the heart – Ensuring driving safety while you put a brake on your beats

Driving safety should always be a priority & if you have health related issues which would hinder your drive, I recommend you not to drive at all.  I thought about writing this, just this morning.  Here are the events which led me to express my thoughts in this blog:

As many of you know that there are many traffic signals on the busy streets of Mumbai.  On my way to work, I have to pass through four traffic signals over a stretch of approximately 6 kilometers.  I ensure that driving safety is my priority while I drive my automatic vehicle; so it’s just the accelerator & brake to I have to operate, unlike the manual transmission where you have to work the clutch to the change the gear & maintain sync between the accelerator & clutch for smooth travel.  Moving on, I was waiting at the third signal junction which takes around 90 seconds for light change.  Just as I was waiting a thought tinkled my mind; what if at this moment I suffer a cardiac arrest?  I was sitting in the driver’s seat, my auto gear in ‘Drive’ mode with my foot on the brake and this thought popped into my mind.  Surely a spine-chilling thought to have.

What is a cardiac arrest?

In simple terms, a cardiac arrest occurs when your heart suddenly stops beating.  Some of the symptoms of a cardiac arrest could be your body suddenly collapsing, no pulse, no breathing, no movement at all & loss of consciousness. A cardiac arrest in the making may sometimes offer symptoms of dizziness, chest pain, breathlessness, weakness, palpitations, fainting & blackouts.  Now I am not a medical professional here, but yes I have done a little bit of research about this disease.How to treat a cardiac arrest?Generally the events of a cardiac arrest are led via the most common cause – coronary artery disease.  Lesser known causes for a cardiac arrest include major blood loss, lack of oxygen, potassium & magnesium deficiency & intense physical activity amongst other causes. There is plenty of study available on the internet in relation to cardiac arrest.  Click here to know more about cardiac arrest.

So taking you back into my car, the question still stands; what happens if I suffer a cardiac arrest whilst waiting at the traffic signal with my foot on the brake & gear in mode ‘D’?  The answer is simple, in the interim of a cardiac arrest whilst at the traffic signal in the ‘GO’ position, my foot will automatically slide over and the car will start rolling forward in the middle of the oncoming traffic.  This eventuality could prove fatal for you and for others.   My advice to all you drivers out there:

  • Fasten your seat-belts before you start driving
  • At the traffic signal, make sure you immediately shift your gear to ‘neutral’ & apply your handbrake.
  • There are plenty of driving safety manuals available in the internet, I recommend you to read & apply.



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