The Arsonist -Has the sudden death of the Samsung Note 7 given birth to a new generation of Smartphones?

It’s been over a month & the newly launched Samsung Note 7 hasn’t stopped burning away.  The number of Note 7’s which have had battery led fires has run into hundreds worldwide causing damage to property & injuring people.  Before permanently discontinuing the Note 7, Samsung has initiated recall of Samsung Note 7. The latest media reports suggest that Samsung is sending fire-proof boxes to each owner for the return to be processed.

Note 7 after post explosion
Image of an exploded Samsung Note 7

After reports of the exchanged models of Note 7 also burning up Samsung issued a statement requesting consumers to switch off the devices & return them. Other manufacturers of smartphones couldn’t have asked for a better time than now for the flammable device to take the stage.  I’m talking about the recently launched Google Pixel smartphones.  The new masterpiece from Google offers two variants; a Pixel housing a 5.0 inch FHD Amoled screen & a Pixel XL with a QHD Amoled screen.    Social media is abuzz with reports that consumers are now moving away from the Samsung brand & opting to consider brands to the likes of an Apple or Google considering there’s not much of a price difference between the Note 7 & Pixel.  Here’s the artillery of the leading contender & the fallen leviathan:-


p2p3In my opinion, I think that the Samsung Note 7 was a highly overrated piece of modern trash.  It’s sudden death doesn’t leave any room for remorse anyway.   Click here to find more alternatives to Samsung Note 7.




Authored by Suraj Shah

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