Want to use Reliance Jio 4g on your laptop – here’s how..

Ever since the launch of Reliance Jio service’s ‘Welcome Offer’, customers have been queuing up outside the Jio outlets for hours in the hope of getting a connection.  The Mukesh Ambani led Jio has not only created a benchmark for other network operators, but has been tagged as the cheapest provider of internet in the world.  More than 1.5 billion connections registered in under a month itself is just confirming the fact that other telcos are now sweating it.  The ‘Welcome Offer’ by Jio is giving away free use of the service upto 31st December 2016 which includes unlimited calling & usage of internet at lighting speeds.  I am personally using their service & I have to say that never have I experienced just blazing speeds from any other network I have been using.

Some of you must be wondering how to use the Jio 4G connection on your laptop, well here’s how:-

A – Via Hotspot

For this you will need a Wi-Fi enabled laptop / desktop PC.  On your Android / iOS smartphone the hotspot will need to be enabled.  Once enabled, long-press on the hotspot icon on your Android / iOS smartphone to go to the hotspot setting screen.  Here, you shall find the Hotspot Name (SSID) & it’s password.  Simply note the password & SSID name. You can obviously change these settings to those of your choice.

On your laptop/desktop just search for nearby networks via WiFi & your SSID name should flash.  Just select the SSID, enter the password & you should be connected.  If encountering some problem or if you are unable to connect then please refer to an expert or troubleshoot it yourself.

B – Via USB Tethering

The tethering feature generally accompanies every Android phone.  All you need to do is switch on USB Tethering in your Android smartphone (Settings > Wireless & networks > mobile network sharing > USB Connection / tethering) & connect the phone to the laptop / desktop via a USB cable.

These options above are the more conventional ways to share your smartphone’s 4g internet.


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